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Home of New Peace was established as a non-profit organization in 2021. We are a community driven, long-term treatment program, dedicated to assisting mothers learn to live a life free from any mind- or mood-altering substances. This program will help women learn what happens to the body and brain before, during, and after addiction. They will also learn how to begin and maintain recovery, putting what they learned into practice daily. Once this program is completed, the women will be equipped with the coping skills to maintain recovery, be reunited with family, have obtained stable housing and employment/career, and living a free, peaceful life, as a new being that they have created with the help of other women and God! Home of New Peace is the place for a fresh start of a new you.

Meet The Team

Brooke Johnson

I am Brooke Johnson, a 35-year-old native of Lexington, Kentucky, and a person in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. I am the mother of three beautiful children, my core motivators on this journey of health and wellness. I have experienced many adversities throughout my adult and childhood life, but, thanks to God, I have received the tools, knowledge, and people needed to overcome them. My bottom was when I became pregnant with my third child and had an overwhelming feeling of being very close to death. Also, in my heart I could not leave another child behind because of my addictions. This eventually led me to surrendering my life to the Lord and seeking the help I needed, while I was with child. I admitted myself (along with my family, lol), to Karen’s Place Maternity Center in Louisa, Ky, where unbeknownst to me, I would meet my second family. From then on, my life has been nothing short of glorious. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I am an
adult peer support specialist, and a certified targeted case manager. I have gained custody of my youngest child and joint custody of my two eldest children, and I am a homeowner! More importantly than all the above, I found a purpose in life, to give to others what was given to me, a chance to recover, and guidance throughout this thing called life!


Meet The Team

Dionne King

My name is Dionne King, founder and executive director of Home of New Peace, a community driven, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting substance abuse mothers find a new way of living and being reunited with their children. Raised in Lexington, Kentucky,  I attended
elementary and high school in the area and participated in community programs throughout the city . I'm also an Adult Peer Support Specialist with Motivational Interviewing.  During my
life I ran into obstacles but was able to regain my place in society by finding a solution that helped me to help others. I have a strong faith in God and believe that all things are possible through Christ.  I focus on helping other mothers in the community regain their rightful place in
society and live prosperous lives. I've been happily married to James for 12 years and together we have 11 Children. We own and operate We Cleaners Cleaning Service. After years of contemplation and having the goal of launching a nonprofit organization benefiting the
community, Home of New Peace was founded in 2021 and the organization became fully formed 501(c)(3) with support from friends and family.

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