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Helping Hands


Please take a look below to see all services provided! 

Safe Housing

We will provide shelter for all our mothers in the program. Upon completion of
the program and graduation, the client will be moved into their own housing with their children.


There will be individual and group therapy for the women in the program. Children will also be provided with therapy, if necessary.

Peer Support

We will provide peer supports that have lived experienced in the world of addiction
and are now successful members of society. These peer supports have at least two
years clean and sober from any mind- or mood-altering substances.


There will be in house and community classes available at Home of New Peace.
Classes will include, Recovery Dynamics, Parenting, Financial Literacy, Life Skills,
Professional Development, and many many more throughout the course of the

Case Management

Individual recovery plans will be implemented throughout the course of the program
and updated often. If mothers have case plans from other systems of care (courts,
cps, etc.), we will make sure these plans are executed within our program.


Home of New Peace will require clients to attend AA/NA 12 step meetings weekly. We believe the 12 steps will give you a strong relationship with God and is an evidence based practice that has proven to help people maintain sobriety. 

Spiritual Care Services

Mothers will be required to attend church weekly in our program. We believe that
with a higher power recovery is more sustainable, because when no one is there,
God will be your source.

Sober Fun!

We will show you ways to have fun in recovery without having to use any mind or mood altering substances. It is a common thought of "how will I ever have fun again", but trust you will have more fun than you ever had, and you will get to actually remember the fun!

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